Mindfulness is about taking the time to experience every moment. To appreciate what we’re experiencing and use every experience to help us grow.

One of the biggest issues for a lot of people, is getting carried away in the grip of an emotion, without taking the time to evaluate if that emotion is helping us.


Remember that you’re not your feelings and emotions

It’s important to remember, that you are not your emotions. We all, at some point tell ourselves, for example “I’m stressed”, or “I’m angry”, or “I’m embarrassed”, etc.

By using this phraseology, you’re what’s called Identifying as your feelings. It doesn’t seem like a big thing, but what you’re doing is telling your subconscious that Anger, or stress, etc. is who you are.

When you find yourself in a situation that brings out an emotion, practice recognizing it ‘as an’ emotion and tell yourself  “I’m feeling the emotion… (anger, depression, embarrassment, etc.)“.

It’s only a slight change, but it makes a huge difference to your ability to see your way though and act in a way that gives you the confidence to deal with it effectively.

Here’s a few thing to remember about our thoughts, feelings and emotions:

1.   Feelings are messages. they make you aware of information that is coming into your nervous system. It’s up to you to decide how to act on that message.

2.   All emotions are valuable. By seeing emotions as a message, you’re better able to determine the best course of action, rather than jumping to the perfectly named ’emotional response’.

3.   Emotions are a part of you. They are there to guide you in your decision making, learn to use them, rather than letting them use you. 🙂

The following video from 6Seconds.org, shows a simple explanation of how feelings are created and how they affect all of the systems within our body.


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