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Find your Why

When you decide to reach for a goal, there are many ways you can get yourself motivated. All of them will work to a greater, or lesser degree.

Find your WHY

However, by far the most important factor in achieving your goals is to fully understand your ‘why?‘ No matter how grand your dream, the most motivating approach to ensure success, is to completely understand WHY you want to achieve it.

Initially, everyone believes they know why they’re doing something. If you ask someone who’s recently stopped smoking cigarettes for example, why they decided to quit, they’ll generally say something along the lines of “It was costing too much”, or “It wasn’t good for me”, or “I keep getting coughs”, etc.

All of these answers are seemingly adequate to the person concerned, but they’re too generalised to be of any real long term use as a motivator.

To really understand your WHY?, you need to take the time to completely analyse all the benefits you’ll get from achieving your goals and all the negative things that’ll happen if you don’t; and there’ll be plenty of each if you really think about it. 😉

To find your powerful WHY ask yourself these six questions:

  • Why do you want this goal? Why is important to you?
  • What would it mean to you personally, if you accomplished this goal?-How would you feel?
  • How would you feel if you didn’t accomplish your goals?
  • What sort of person will you need to become to reach this goal?
  • How would your life change if you accomplish this goal?
  • How will this goal impact your family and those you love?

The more things you can think of, the more likely you are to succeed, simply because you’ll have so many reasons to go on. If you have just one reason, it’ll be very easy for your subconscious to find a compelling reason to give up.

If you need any more proof, think back to how many goals and aspirations you’ve had in the past. How many have you achieved and how many reasons for success did you have?

Find a compelling why and reach your goals much more easily than you ever imagined!

I’d love to see your thoughts in the comments 🙂


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