As I’ve said before, I’m a recent convert to meditation myself. I originally thought Meditation and Mindfulness were primarily used as a way to clear the mind and bring acceptance, calmness and harmony to the body.

But, I can imagine that you, as I was, might be thinking… “That’s all great, but what about in today’s fast-paced, ‘need-everything-now’ World? Can it do anything else?”

Well, what was once viewed purely as an art form, is now seen just as often as a science.  And, over the last few decades, there have been dozens of studies, all over the World. Each of them trying to validate, or dismiss some claim, or another.


The benefits of meditation and mindfulness

I’ve put together a small list of the most popular benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness:

The links in each of these Mindfulness and Meditation benefits point to a piece of scientific evidence to save you having to go look 😉 .

So, whether you’ve had an interest in Meditation and/or Mindfulness for some time, or if it’s something you’ve just started looking into: there’s plenty of reasons to practice every day.

Why not let me know in the comments if you’ve found Mindfulness, or Meditation has helped you in some way?

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